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October 2016:
Now covering a larger area outside of Dorchester.


Welcome To The Computer John Website.

With over 15 years of experience in the home computer market (repair & sales) I offer a personal call out and repair service in the Weymouth Portland and Dorchester Area.

Most of my working days have been spent with local computer and entertainment companies and I've built up a good relationship with many people in our area. These relationships led to a lot of out of hours home visits solving computer and internet issues. I've now decided this is the type of service I would like to continue offering in the Weymouth & Dorchester area in a full time professional manor. I offer a friendly service and talk in a language that you can understand!

All labour is charged at a competitive rate. I do not work on an hourly charge, I work on a set price so you pay no more than you have to (typical charge £20-40 depending on work required). If extra parts are required prices vary but quality components are always used.


  • Windows 10 Is Here!

    Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft and it won’t be long before all new PCs and Laptops come with it pre-installed. It offers some exciting new feature but a few of those big changes may leave some people a bit lost.

    Having trouble getting it set up? Need Windows 10 to behave more like previous versions? Or just need of a bit of general help getting used to it, then give me a call I'm here to help!

  • Laptop Repair - Screen Replacements From £80!

    Laptops these days are fast, affordable and quickly becoming the preferred computer in the family home. But with their portability comes the greater chance of damage due to droppage etc. Damaged components & cracked screens can often be replaced but don't pay manufacturers prices! I've seen prices quoted between £150-£250 for a simple screen replacement. I can offer this service for much less! In most cases I can replace broken screens from between £50-£70

  • Tune Up

    As time goes on your computer can get bogged down with junk files and out of date programs that can reduce performance. I offer a tune up service that could make your computer run smoother and problem free.
  • Broadband & Wi-Fi setup

    Setting up your broadband connection for the first time or switching to a different company isn't always as easy as 1-2-3. There are often stumbling blocks like internal phone wiring, miss information, poor customer service that get in the way of your broadband running correctly. I have a range of fault finding equipment to resolve issues and get you up and running.

  • Virus Removal

    There is a lot of malicious software out there causing a lot of people big problems. The most common these days are the rogue virus software's which claim to have found faults with your computer then demand a credit card payment to put it right. Don't fall into their trap! Those who did had their money taken with no service in return! If your computer is suffering with infections then give me a call.

  • Computer Repair & Upgrades

    If your computer is running slow or you require more memory I can take a look at this for you. I always use quality branded components from firms like Asus Corsair and Western Digital.
  • Printers

    Unfortunately in the disposable world we live in printers are not made like they used to. Quite often if a printer goes wrong outside of its warranty it will cost more than it's worth to repair and buying a new one is the only option. Though if you want to be sure it's not your computer that's at fault or if you need help setting up a new printer then give me a call.
  • Custom Built Computers

    Computers are cheap to buy these days and this is because the larger companies strike bulk deals for the cheapest parts that they can build with. The cheapest parts are not always the best. For example the computer your buying might boast a large hard drive capacity but it may not be the fastest running transfer rate by today's standards. If you need a computer custom made for a specific purpose or don't mind spending a bit extra for something more reliable I can put this together for you. I always make sure that I use quality brands that are compatible and offer the best performance for your budget.
  • Games Consoles & Home Entertainment

    More and more of the home entertainment products that we buy are coming with network capability. Whether it be YouTube videos on your TV or streaming multimedia between your computer and play station it's all there for you to take advantage of. Or even if you just need a bit of help setting up your new DVD player I would be more than happy to help.
  • Web Design

    If you need a simple website to get your information on the web I can help you build it and get it online.